Re: [pinpoint] Release Policy

>> We could release a patch version always that bug fix and release stable
>> version each six month (included features discussed in brainstorm session)
> It used to be that almost all users of pinpoint used and compiled the
> git version. (Work on pinpoint and new features for it has also tended
> to coincide with people working on or in relation to Clutter giving
> presentations at conferences.)
> I think a good policy is that the master branch of pinpoint should
> strive to always be buildable, usable and releasable. Tarballs  have
> thus far been attempted when enough features exist in git that are not
> in a release (or when the version found in distros have annoying bugs;
> and seeing the bugs as an audience member is irritating.) Aiming to do
> a release at least every 6 months, if there is sufficient changes to
> warrant it; would be good.

It would also be good to corral some of the Mac and Windows binaries
that have been produced and try and keep them on the same sort of
cadence. I've found that useful for collaboration amidst mixed teams.


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