b-a-s .server files & cold start ...


	Reading loads of scattered files is bad for cold start - as we all
know; I was just poking at the .server files that we parse on login:
and, it turns out there are a ton of scattered files [ which are also
biggish - due to the non-scalable in-line translation scheme sadly
but ... ].

	Anyhow - so we could trivially merge a load of these by just grouping
together .server files:

	+ Merge gnome-applets .server files - 18 -> 1
	+ Merge Evolution .server files - 6 -> 2
	+ Merge bonobo .server files - 4 -> 1
	+ Merge VFS .server files: 2 -> 1

	+ Net saving: 25 files (of 64) => 40% fewer files.

	Since we have to read them all at startup anyway, there should be no
performance loss; also - should be rather easy to do in the source.

	I guess the biggest win is in gnome-applets ...



 michael meeks novell com  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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