Re: Early Gnome-terminal profiling

søn, 30,.10.2005 kl. 22.46 -0800, skrev Travis Reitter:
> I've done a little profiling of gnome-terminal, uxterm, and xterm, to
> see how they stack up to each other in a few different tests.
> Here's the rough draft (please don't link to it - the final release will
> be a blog post, once I've gotten a little review, and polished it up a
> little):
> I'd appreciate any feedback and suggestions (especially corrections).
> (I'll also clean up the formatting and give a little more summary
> information in the final post).

Please include information about the exact version of all the programs
and relevant libraries (quick testing show slightly different hot spots
for me) and how you did your "launch 50 instances" test - i.e. did you
launch 50 in parallel or sequential or launch and terminate the app 50
times in a row.

Ronny V. Vindenes <ronnyvv broadpark no>

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