Re: Early Gnome-terminal profiling


     I didn't see in your test results the fonts used.  I believe that previous tests showed big differences in speed based on the font used in gnome-terminal.  Also, can you attach your test file to the web page(large-text.txt)?

    We were very interested initially in deploying gnome-terminal over Xterm on our thin clients because it integrates better into the full desktop.  But performance was so slow, that it was knocked out during beta testing because the users complained.

   I can do some testing for you over remote display on Xservers lacking RENDER.  We use curses based packages, which don't scroll at all.  Even those programs were too slow to deploy in gnome-terminal.


On Sun, 2005-10-30 at 22:46 -0800, Travis Reitter wrote:
I've done a little profiling of gnome-terminal, uxterm, and xterm, to
see how they stack up to each other in a few different tests.

Here's the rough draft (please don't link to it - the final release will
be a blog post, once I've gotten a little review, and polished it up a

I'd appreciate any feedback and suggestions (especially corrections).

(I'll also clean up the formatting and give a little more summary
information in the final post).

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