Re: g_utf8_offset_to_pointer() optimization

Yep, you were right, thanks a lot (20 runs is just toooo boring)
So I come to the same conclusion as you, at least for the languages you used: the original one is the best one...

And I'm not sure it's possible to trade some performance on most the languages if some other become really worse... So, I may try again, but more as an exercise, because I think we are giving too much time to this, while other thing *really* need some performance improvements :-)

Behdad Esfahbod a �it :
On Thu, 3 Nov 2005, Luis Menina wrote:

Well, you were right, thank !

But I still have a problem :-(
When I run:

python ./ -o chart.png test1.xml test2.xml

My chart.png file has only titles and legend, but no charts :-(
Does it need a minimum number of runs (I decreased it to do some quick
tests) ?

Hehe, yes.  Search for 400000 in the python file and reduce it.

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