Re: [pdfmod] Fullscreen mode

Patch sended :D (in bugzilla) :

The Pdf Mod code is so clean, that allowed me to do it without problems :)

2009/9/5 Sandy Armstrong <sanfordarmstrong gmail com>
On Sat, Sep 5, 2009 at 7:56 AM, CaStarCo<castarco gmail com> wrote:
> Hello, i thought it would be interesting to implement a fullscreen view
> mode, ¿do you think it's interesting? If you think that's a good feature I
> want to work on it :) .

Sounds good to me (I'm not a PdfMod maintainer, though).  You should
file an enhancement bug for it, and if you work on it, submit patches
as attachments to the bug.

> P.D. : If i work on it, how i must submit the patches via gitorious? I am a
> newbye with git :p .

The main repository for PdfMod is actually on, now.
Instructions for creating patches that you can attach in bugzilla can
be found here:

Hopes this helps,
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