Re: trying to understand how the /boot/loader symlink is supposed to work.

On Mon, Feb 5, 2018, at 8:48 AM, Daniel Drake wrote:
On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 2:14 PM, Colin Walters <walters verbum org> wrote:
I could imagine doing something like this with a "pre-grubx64.efi" binary
or the like whose sole purpose was to iterate over an available set of
grubx64-1.efi, grubx64-2.efi etc. which had .checksum files available too,
and if the checksum didn't match it was skipped or so.

The idea being that we would first rename the current bootloader to
grubx64-2 before then installing the new one as grubx64-1? And if it
gets interrupted in the process we would rely on it falling back to


That might have some benefift but we would just end up with the same
problem for the smaller pre-grubx64 bootloader  - how could we safely
update that when it changes?

Yeah, the Universal Computer Science Solution here
of adding a layer of indirection only pushes the problem away partially.

As an alternative, I wonder if UEFI variables can be updated
atomically, allowing us to install the bootloader in a new path and
only update the UEFI boot configuration to point to it once we're
comfortable that the fs has been fully synced.

Yeah, I chatted with the grub2 maintainer about something like that
but I don't think we really fleshed it out.

In the big picture I personally am unlikely to work on this area anytime
soon, but maybe just post releases of your bootloader updater here
so there's more opportunity to collaborate?

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