Re: trying to understand how the /boot/loader symlink is supposed to work.

On Mon, Feb 5, 2018, at 5:39 PM, Chris Murphy wrote:

Sure it has.

Ok yeah, sorry I'd forgotten about that.  

rpm -q reports a version that does not actually match the bootloader
being used. That is a real trust loss problem in versioning. Not only
am I told I have version X when I don't, I also have no
straightforward or build-in way of learning what version I really do

You're absolutely right.  On the other hand we made updates transactional
for everything else...

The idea we'd have to compose new installation media, and then clean
install the OS to fix something like this is not at all convincing.

We have easier solutions than that; I'll comment in the above BZ but basically 
nothing stops one from just copying the files manually into the ESP.

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