Meta-updater and OSTree demo at AGL stand at FOSDEM 2018


I have prepared a demonstration of software updates for Automotive Grade
Linux based on the Yocto/OE layer meta-updater and OSTree which I plan
to show this weekend at the AGL stand at building AW during FOSDEM 2018.
I will be at the stand on Saturday late afternoon and Sunday afternoon.

Yocto/OE layer meta-updater includes recipes for OSTree and Aktualizr,
an open source SOTA client implemented in C++ by ATS Advanced Telematic
Systems GmbH. The straight-forward way to use meta-updater is through
ATS Garage but it is also possible to use directly OSTree for deploying
images. My demonstration will focus on the simple steps to perform a
software update of agl-image-minimal on Raspberry Pi 3 using the ostree
admin tool. Please stop by at AGL stand to have a look at my demo :)

For more details about the technologies please have a look at following


Leon Anavi
Software Engineer

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