OSTree Contributing Tutorial - Announcement

Hey all,

This is to announce a contributing tutorial for OSTree we have put together.
Check it out: https://ostree.readthedocs.io/en/latest/contributing-tutorial/

The document goes through different ways to build OSTree and run in a container or VM.
There is also a walk-through on implementing a new command in OSTree, and adding a test
to the OSTree repository.

We hope the information will be handy for new contributors, and as a reference while
working on OSTree. We learned a lot about each others' workflows while writing it up!

Thank you to Cheryl (@Bubblemelon on GitHub) for the fantastic info on building and
testing, and to Colin (@cgwalters), Micah (@miabbott), Jonathan (@jlebon), and
Stephen (@ashcrow) for the review and helpful suggestions.

Also, feedback is welcome!

Robert Fairley

rfairley redhat com
GitHub: @rfairley

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