Re: About building ostree based Debian derivative

On Wed, Apr 4, 2018 at 9:00 PM, Dan Nicholson <nicholson endlessm com> wrote:

I think Endless might be the only place where a bootable ostree is
made from Debian packages. See
for my latest attempts at making something generic and usable.
Unfortunately, our actual builder has some of our product details tied
up in it (and a bunch of other hardcoded Endless settings), so it's
private. What's on the master branch in is a stripped down
version of our actual builder. The simple-builder branch there
attempts to make an ostree purely from debian packages (stretch in
particular). I haven't gotten back to it in a while, though.

This is great. I will try to use that branch to build a repository now.
Can you please also point me to some instructions on how to create
an actuall installation ISO out of that ostree repository?

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