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I meant to reply to this earlier, but I've been slowly poking at doing this from pure Debian without any Endless stuff. My primary motivation is to get Debian to enable the bootable bits in their package. Without it, you can't really get anywhere.

Anyways, is a very simple OSTree builder I wrote from scratch keeping some of the post-build tweaks from our Endless tool. It uses multistrap rather than debootstrap so you can define multiple APT sources. At the moment that's necessary since you need an ostree package that's not purely from Debian.

I have a setup that builds, but I haven't tried to make a system from it yet. should be usable on stretch amd64. It uses my custom ostree package that includes ostree-boot as well as the backported usrmerge package in The key used to sign that repo is in

If you want to just try to pull an ostree without building, you can try It's signed with the same key as the debian repo. The os/debian/amd64/stretch ref is what I was working on.

I haven't touched the existing create-deployment script. My intention is to fix that up to remove all the eos* mentions and rename it to deb-ostree-deploy. Finally, to make it usable, I'll probably create a tiny deb-ostree-image that creates a (hopefully) bootable ext4 image.

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On Mon, Oct 23, 2017 at 8:25 AM, Colin Walters <walters verbum org> wrote:

I'd certainly love to see the ostree-as-host path for Debian systems
also get fleshed out more.  Obviously I also maintain rpm-ostree, but
the split between ostree and rpm-ostree is precisely to support
efforts like this (the other big one of course is OpenEmbedded).

There are definitely a lot of weird stumbling blocks; I did recently
make an effort to knock down one of those (requiring the kernel/initramfs
to be checksummed on the server side) in:

One tricky thing is that this project really needs a lot of active
integration with Debian upstream - the initramfs is a good example.

Anyways though, maybe we should add a `deb-ostree-builder`
tool to the upstream ostreedev/ organization?   Taking code
from ?

Though one thing that's a bit unclear to me, and maybe Dan could
help explain - is anything from deb-ostree-builder used for flatpak
at all?  It feels like it was abstracted a bit for that, but is it used today?

I guess what I've have expected is something a bit simpler and more
`rpm-ostree compose tree` like - take a list of packages + optional
postprocessing script.  (But I didn't yet actually try it or look too deeply)

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