Re: OSTree in debian


I'd certainly love to see the ostree-as-host path for Debian systems
also get fleshed out more.  Obviously I also maintain rpm-ostree, but
the split between ostree and rpm-ostree is precisely to support
efforts like this (the other big one of course is OpenEmbedded).

There are definitely a lot of weird stumbling blocks; I did recently
make an effort to knock down one of those (requiring the kernel/initramfs
to be checksummed on the server side) in:

One tricky thing is that this project really needs a lot of active
integration with Debian upstream - the initramfs is a good example.

Anyways though, maybe we should add a `deb-ostree-builder`
tool to the upstream ostreedev/ organization?   Taking code
from ?

Though one thing that's a bit unclear to me, and maybe Dan could
help explain - is anything from deb-ostree-builder used for flatpak
at all?  It feels like it was abstracted a bit for that, but is it used today?

I guess what I've have expected is something a bit simpler and more
`rpm-ostree compose tree` like - take a list of packages + optional
postprocessing script.  (But I didn't yet actually try it or look too deeply)

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