Re: Is delta between different branchs broken on Ostree or I am doing something wrong?

On Fri, Jun 12, 2015, at 11:34 AM, Leandro Santiago wrote:
I realized that when changing from one branch to another one, even
when I create the delta between them, the client does not find the
delta file, downloading so a lot of other files. Looking at the http
accesses, I guess there might be something wrong with it.

Yeah, the client logic is currently hardcoded to only look for
deltas between revisions on a single branch.

It looks like you're using branches more like tags.  We would like to support
tags but it's not implemented now.

Currently what you can do is assign a "version" metadata to commits in
a single branch.  The client doesn't currently know how to fetch based on that
metadata - though, we could put it in the summary file.

Deltas are still in progress, though we hope to have things finalized soon
by landing GPG signing of the summary file.

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