Re: what packages/files are in an ostree repo

On Thu, Jan 22, 2015, at 12:45 AM, Chris Murphy wrote:

Sorry, I wasn't clear. I meant doing it without having a computer
using ostree at all.

Not really; ostree is a custom binary format based on GVariant, you'd
have to go to a lot of pain to extract the data by hand.

Are you thinking of something like users on OS X/Windows?  It'd
probably be possible to make the "filesystem" part (not "admin") parts
of OSTree be portable to OS X with some pain, and Windows with
another helping of pain.  But of course OSTree already uses GLib
so *most* of it is portable.

It's just lately I've been backing away from GIO in some code fast
paths in order to take advantage of modern Linux APIs like the openat()
family of APIs, etc.

Some sort of package or file listing of what's in
a particular ostree tree, what am I getting and not getting in an
ostree installation (by default anyway). That sort of thing.

It'd be pretty trivial for the organization/server providing the repository
to pre-extract the RPM database into a separate area and have an
up to date "rpmlist.txt" (output of rpm -qa) for the tip of all branches.

If that sounds useful to you, I'd mention it to the organization
providing the repository.

Note OSTree itself is a content agnostic delivery vehicle, so this
is more of an rpm-ostree question.  Its mailing list is

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