Release 2015.11

OSTree v2015.11 is now available via this git-evtag[1] signed tag:

This releases fixes an important regression in v2015.10 where `ostree
commit` would write invalid timestamps.

There is one user-visible change in that `ostree remote refs`
now prints the remote name, for convenient copy/paste.

Colin Walters (2):
      gpg-verifier: Fix compiler warning
      Release 2015.11

Matthew Barnes (7):
      repo: Never delete .commitmeta files
      trivial-httpd: Avoid SoupBuffer when there's no content
      glnx: Update from master
      fetcher: Remove "sending_messages" hash table
      fetcher: Remove "total_requests" counter
      remote: Print full refspec in "ostree remote refs"
      repo: Fix backwards timestamp in ostree_repo_write_commit()


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