Re: Extending ostree's functionality (adding a metadat index)

succeeds.  Second, it'd be easier to just pass NULL here, and not clear
the error.

Ok. My thought was that at this point we might want to extend
the error checking to only specifically scrub the "not found" error,
so if the underlying code threw any _other_ errors we'd still know
to stop and notify the caller. But I'm ok with not checking if you
think it's not worth it.

But I'd like to consider representing the metadata-only state in
a little bit better way.  There's still a bit of leftover code in

Maybe instead we could say just make an empty file
wihch if it exists, means that we only did a partial

Fine by me - I considered this approach originally but I wasn't
sure you'd want statefiles like that, and it seemed more "bulletproof"
to me to examine the thing itself directly.

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