ostree 2013.6

OSTree v2013.6 is out:


This is a quick followup release mainly to drop our GLib dependency back
down to 2.34, as it has been for a while; I accidentally introduced use
of 2.36 symbols.

I'm a bit tempted to drop the GLib dependency down even farther to 2.32
since that's what's in Debian Wheezy, if someone actually wants that, do
let me know.

Besides that, notable changes:

* Thanks to Javier for U-boot support!

* A fix for the "too many open files" bug that some people were hitting:

* I wrote a fair bit more gtk-doc, which is now online at
  This replaces most of the technical content of the wiki:

$ git shortlog v2013.5..v2013.6
Colin Walters (27):
      Use { 0, } for structure initialization rather than memset()
      libotutil: Drop accidental use of GLib 2.36 API
      Revert "libotutil: Make use of GBytes in ot_variant_read()"
      main: Use macro to reduce duplication among builtin prototypes
      ostree.doap: Update description based on docs.
      libostree: Extend gtk-doc coverage for refs and prune APIs
      libostree: Check out directories depth-first in serial, switch to sync API
      doc: Add repo docs
      admin: Write out correct version fields in boot/loader/entries files
      admin: Add API to OtBootloader to get name
      doc: Add a section on deployments
      doc: Split overview into chapters, expand a bit
      main: Drop --archive option from init, now that the code is removed
      doc: Add a section about how atomic upgrades work
      doc/overview: Add a note about the GPL
      doc/repo: Describe object types
      pull: Update comment to better reflect current reality
      doc: Add some docs about adapting existing package managers
      doc/adapting-existing: A bit more elaboration and a typo fix
      doc/adapting-existing: Elaborate a bit more on FS layout and links
      doc: Minor tweaks
      repo: Fix object storage size API to be 64 bit
      pull: Drop obsoleted "related objects" API
      libostree: Improve commit filter API
      main: Code cleanup by passing OstreeRepo * directly to builtins
      doc/adapting-existing: Describe /lib/passwd
      Release 2013.6

Javier Martinez Canillas (5):
      test: fix a trivial typo in libtests.sh
      admin: Extract ot_admin_join_config_lines() helper function
      main: Add U-Boot bootlader backend support
      admin: Don't fail to deploy if there isn't a bootloader config
      admin: notify detected bootloader configuration

Vivek Dasmohapatra (4):
      fetcher: Return NOT_FOUND when the HTTP code is 410 or 404
      trivial-httpd: Handle -p - as meaning write-port-to-stdout
      trivial-httpd: Close stdout & stdin so $() can capture output when daemonized
      trivial-httpd: Handle the autoexit case when the docroot is a symlink

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