Re: getting the initial setup working

On Sat, 2012-05-05 at 17:34 -0400, Matthias Clasen wrote:

> + linux-user-chroot --mount-readonly / --mount-proc /proc --mount-bind
> /dev /dev --mount-bind /ostree/var /var --mount-bind
> /tmp/gnomeos-dracut.BKH4OE2s9P /tmp --mount-bind /ostree/modules
> /lib/modules /ostree/gnomeos-3.4-i686-devel dracut -f
> /tmp/initramfs-ostree-3.3.4-3.fc17.x86_64.img 3.3.4-3.fc17.x86_64
> mount (MS_BIND): No such file or directory

Oops - yes, I forgot that generating the initramfs depends on having
a tree. 

This kind of flow is going to need wrapping up inside an "ostadmin" tool
or the like, that not only knows how to run dracut, but also modify
GRUB.  I'm trying to keep "ostree/ostree-pull" mostly just a "version
control system for binaries". for now...I guess I'll bring back the shell script to do
everything =/  What I was trying to do with having the user run the
commands is to mainly show off the fact that the "gnome" source isn't
special, i.e. you can add other repos.

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