Re: trying to get things going

On Sun, 2012-08-26 at 17:08 -0400, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> I've been playing with the 'full local build' scenario, by trying to
> follow Colins 'amazon build server' instructions on my local system.
> After a number of false starts, I managed to get a complete bitbake
> run, and then a complete 'ostbuild build' run as well.

Glad to hear of more people able to do a full build from scratch.  It's
actually not that scary at all.

> Quite a few of the gnu modules in yocto fail to build on f18. This is
> because recent glibc decided to hide gets in the header, which upsets
> the gnulib stdio.h wrapper. They all need the same patch. I guess this
> will sort itself out over time.

Yeah...there are patches filtering around for this.  We'll obviously
periodically rebase on newer oe-core, but they're more focused on
building reliably on older systems.  

Building a bleeding edge system *on* a bleeding edge system is asking
for a lot of pain.

The way I think GNOME builds should work is to keep the stuff we don't
need to hack on (e.g. coreutils) stable, and evolve the stuff we *do*
like Xorg and mesa.

> First, qemu-img was missing; I didn't get a very clear error message
> for this. Would be good to improve that, since ostbuild runs quite a
> few external commands that may be missing.

Mmm...odd that it's split into a separate package.  It's annoying
to search for programs in $PATH in Python (without pygobject)...but I
plan to rewrite this tool in C and instead have:

$ ostree deploy-qemu ...

Since there's really nothing "ostbuild" specific about it.

> After installing qemu-img, the next problem was that ostbuild pkexec's
> itself to run privhelper-deploy-qemu. Nothing wrong with that in
> principle, but the pkexec'ed command can't find the ostree and
> ostadmin binaries which are located in my jhbuild tree. I've worked
> around this by patching full paths into the privhelper code - a better
> solution is clearly required. be honest as I mentioned in person, I just run
privhelper-deploy-qemu directly as root.

This is clearly a lame spot...I've been spending some time on making
ostree packages, and it'd be pretty easy to make gnome-ostree packages.

> Finally, I end up with
> $ ostbuild deploy-qemu gnomeos-3.6-i686-runtime
> ostbuild: running: pkexec ostbuild privhelper-deploy-qemu
> /home/mclasen/build/ostbuild/shadow-repo gnomeos-3.6-i686-runtime
> ostbuild: running: /home/mclasen/build/jhbuild/bin/ostree
> --repo=/ostree/ostree-qemu-mnt/ostree/repo pull-local
> /home/mclasen/build/ostbuild/shadow-repo gnomeos-3.6-i686-runtime
> Rev 'gnomeos-3.6-i686-runtime' not found
> Not sure how to solve this.

I think you're just missing the "trees/" prefix.

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