ostree 2012.9

Git: http://git.gnome.org/browse/ostree/tag/?id=v2012.9
Tarballs: http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/ostree/2012.9

For people building from git - you should be aware that we now use
"libgsystem" as a git submodule.  autogen.sh will take care of
initializing it.

The second thing is that "ostadmin deploy" has a new syntax.

The other highlights are various bugfixes for "pull", and a new
--enable-triggers-only option that's used by gnome-ostree to
bootstrap things.

Colin Walters (42):
      embedded deps: Properly quote/handle PATH/LDFLAGS
      main: Fix a format string error
      Make more compiler warnings into errors
      build: Use LDADD libraries to link with, not LDFLAGS
      Release 2012.8
      pull: Fix use-after-free in async fetcher
      pull: Fix a memory leak
      core: Drop ot_gfile_new_for_path
      core: drop dead/unused code
      pull: Correctly display concurrent libsoup requests
      Add libgsystem as git external
      Hard require GLib 2.34
      Fix libgsystem submodule
      pull: Only take up one terminal line for status output
      core: Use g_spawn_check_exit_status()
      core: Remove ot_clear_checksum() in favor of g_clear_pointer()
      core: Drop ot_clear_gvariant() in favor of g_clear_pointer
      core: Drop ot_clear_ptrarray in favor of g_clear_pointer
      core: Drop ot_clear_hashtable for g_clear_pointer()
      core: Add context when we fail to chmod()/chown()
      pull: When --depth is specified, ensure we have all requested objects
      ostadmin: [incompat syntax change] Allow deploying any revision
      ostadmin: Print an error message if run as non-root
      TODO: update
      ostadmin: Add --ostree-dir directory
      ostadmin: Change command line for qemu deploy helper
      ostadmin: Use g_spawn_check_exit_status()
      triggers: Print execution time for each trigger
      autogen: Fetch submodules before running automake
      configure: Fix libsoup detection
      embedded-dependencies: Fix ACLOCAL_FLAGS, update for libgsystem
      pull: Set an error when we get an unsuccessful HTTP response
      pack: Support --content-only
      pull: Exit mainloop immediately if we encounter an error
      pull: Only fetch pack files if we want more than 66% of their objects
      packages: Add files that should have been in previous commit
      build: Make /etc/kernel scripts default to automatic
      libostree: Quiet compiler warning with --disable-libarchive
      repo: Also traverse remote refs when enumerating objects
      prune: Don't fail if an object isn't found
      build: Add --enable-triggers-only
      Release 2012.9

Giovanni Campagna (5):
      ostadmin: fix command line handling in the builtins
      ostree-run-triggers: fix typo in filename comparison function
      Don't fail for EPERM when hardlinking
      ostadmin: add update-kernel command to regenerate initramfs and boot config
      Add infrastructure for automatic kernel updates

Matthias Clasen (2):
      ostree: Remove duplicate command in help output
      Improve the pango trigger

Stef Walter (3):
      Automatically populate the git submodules in autogen.sh
      Support non-builtin commands
      Include pull and other external commands in usage output

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