Re: [orca-list] Duplicate orca setting to another computer

OK in Debian, copying ~/.local/share/orca to the laptop will work as expected. All your settings for Orca will duplicate that easily. The only thing you'll need to be aware of is if you changed the voice, you will need to be sure that same voice is installed on the laptop. For example, I use RHVoice here, but espeak-ng is the default voice. If I change my Orca settings so that RHVoice is used and copy the configuration to a new machine that does not have RHVoice installed, I cannot guarantee that it will speak. So in that case, I would have to do one of two things: either be sure that RHVoice is installed on the target machine where I'm copying my Orca settings, or change the speech synthesizer setting to either espeak-ng or default on the source machine before copying the Orca configuration. Hope it helps.


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