Re: [orca-list] solus budgey uninstallable

I was online too and I maybe didn't wait long enough for the system to get
my location.  In any event if the system gets your location it ought to
fill in your timezone correctly for you from that location.
I have a question in to r.SolusProject which is a subreddit on reddit
where support is supposed to be available.  For the record I tried
America/New_York and EST4EDT as timezone entries and neither worked.

On Thu, 23 Sep 2021, Dave Hunt via orca-list wrote:

When I was playing with this iso, I was online, and ticked a box like
"determine location automatically", and it got my timezone right. 
Still, the inability to do this reliably makes the system uninstallable
without eyeballs. 


Dave  H.

On 9/23/21 4:26 PM, Jude DaShiell wrote:
until I got to timezone.  At that point no timezone format I know would
get that next button to turn some color other than gray.  This was a
verified iso and this is not good.
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