Re: [orca-list] Ubuntu mate installation work around

On Mon, Sep 20, 2021 at 10:57:38AM -0400, Kyle via orca-list wrote:
I did successfully work around the installer and other apps that require
administrator privileges not speaking by logging out of the live session and
logging back in. Unfortunately I do also see the flat review issue in
mate-terminal, and it appears to be unique to Ubuntu-MATE. I first noticed
it there, and don't currently know of a work-around to fix it. My initial
thought was to toggle Orca off and back on, but unfortunately that didn't
help. Since I had already logged out and back into the live session, I knew
that doing so again likely would not fix it. I have Fedora and Arch
machines, neither of which reproduce the problem. At one point, I thought
that the problem was being caused by my use of a virtual machine to do my
testing, which does at times have some odd side effects with the keyboard
and other things, so it's good that you are able to confirm my findings
using bare metal.

orca needs to be updated. or you can just open second tab in terminal with


Sincerely, Alexander

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