Re: [orca-list] How to copy pieces of text from a gnome-terminal window

Normally you place a mark then move the cursor to the end of your link
then hit copy and that takes everything from the mark to your cursor
location into the clipboard.
It's not even useful to have a clipboard capability that only copies a
single string or word since especially urls can have spaces in them and
the first space however shown ends your copy.

On Thu, 9 Sep 2021, Christophe Delaunay wrote:

Hi Matt,

Thanks for this response. It seems that it is kinda what I'm looking for, at
least when I can't predict a command will bring back something interesting to

I just had the problem one hour ago or so. I entered a command. In its result,
the command displayed an HTTP link I did not expect. I read the command result
and wanted to copy this link in my preferred web browser. I pressed <keypad
minus> and noticed orca entered flat screen review. Then I placed the flat
review cursor at the beginning of the link and pressed <insert+c> which I
previously assigned to "copy text under flat review cursor to the clipboard".

I then switch to a text editor window, and pressed <ctrl+v>. Something was
pasted into my editing window but it was the last thing I copied to my
clipboard before pressing <insert+c>, in other words, something which was not
in my terminal window.

As a workaround, I switched back to the terminal, pressed <alt+e> to open the
terminal's edit menu and then chose "Select All". I then press <walt+e> once
more and chose "copy". I switched back to my editor and pressed <ctrl+v>.
Tghis time, the whole content of the terminal window was pasted to my editing
window. Since in the editing window, I'm able to select, just the piece of
text I want, I selected the whole link, copied it to the clipboard, and
finally could successfully paste it in the browser.

I'll try one more time later but at this time, I don't understand why orca did
not do anything with my assigned keyboard shortcut, although I previously
successfully assigned some orca commands to keyboard shortcuts.

Have a nice day. Chrfis D

On 09/08/2021, 19:16, Matt Dizak wrote:
Yep, go into Orca settings and you'll see a tab for key bindings.
Within the bindings there's one for copy while in flat review.

Assign a keyboard shortcut to that binding.  For myself, I have Insert+C.

Now while in terminal, just hit the dash - key on the keypad and Orca
will say "Entering flat review".  Now you can navigate through the
terminal by using the keypad:

7 and 9 = up and down one line
4 and 6 = left and right one word
1 and 3 = left and right one character

Scroll to the piece of text you want (ie. database field) hit your
copy keyboard binding, and it'll be in your clipboard.

Hope that helps,


On 9/8/21, Christophe Delaunay <christophe delaunay-ext ariadnext com>
Hi all,

If the portion of text I'm interested in is a command I just typed, I
can edit the .bash_history.

If the text I want is a large piece of output, I can redirect the output
and errors of the command before submitting it and then edit the
resulting file to select the wanted text and copy it.

If the wanted text is part of a whole session, I run the commands I want
in a screen session with logging turned on.

But is there a way to select text directly from inside the terminal
window and copy it please?

Many thanks in advance. Have a nice day. Chris D

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