Re: [orca-list] A Terible Problem with Using Orca in Gnome


Dňa 28. 5. 2021 o 2:56 Shadyar Khodayari via orca-list napísal(a):
1. When I am at Desktop through either pressing Super key + D or
holding Alt + CTRL and pressing Tab, next pressing arrow keys or Tab,
Orca does not read desktop icons.

By default there are no desktop icons in gnome.

You can start by pressing the super also known as windows key.

Or you can hit super+a to jump right into the list of applications.

Another goot shortcut key you will need is ctrl+alt+tab to move to the top pannel.

Related to the desktop icons in gnome I've found this...

2. 3. When I open a windows Settings, I press Tab numerous times but
Orca does not read the Setting categories like wireless, Bluetooth ETC
in the window. It seems focus never moves on this part of the window.

This is an issue at least since gnome 3.28. A workaround is to press the search button and press the enter key to search for nothing.

3. When I open a windows like application files or file trash, I press
Tab numerous times but Orca does not read the main part of the window.
Gnome Files app aka nautilus is accessible I don't know what might be causing this for you.
4. Should I do a specific config on Gnome?
5. should I install another desktop environment?
I will be appreciate if you would help me.

Gnome is the place where the accessibility development takes place. Mate desktop is reportedly more polished in terms of accessibility.



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