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Then just poke around. That's your typical Discourse layout. Nolan's been working slowly with the Discourse devs but it's very, very, very slow going

I did just try upgrading but got zero speech so had to drop back to 3.36.2 so I got speech. How would I go about resetting the default synth, or why would espeak-ng vanish from the list of synths once I upgrade to orca-master? I'm trying to figure this out. I can upgrade fine, and it works, but when I reboot, I get pico on the logon screen, then zero speech after that

On 24/05/2021 17:08, Didier Spaier via orca-list wrote:
I know nothing about discourse forums but I'd first upgrade orca and its dependencies, the most recent orca release release being 40.0


Le 24/05/2021 à 16:21, Jace Kattalakis via orca-list a écrit :
So I'm not sure if this is me using Orca 3.36.2 but I've been poking around Discourse forums, and am unsure if I'm missing out on anything that makes it super useable, as of right now all I can do is toggle speaking of cell or entire row with Orca+f11

So is there anything else I have to toggle to make Discourse moe user friendly in Orca's settings?
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