Re: [orca-list] Converting text to sound

And what command is for Espeak? And can I use Espeak variants when I want convert or only Espeak without variant?

Thanks, Vojta.

Dne 22. 05. 21 v 20:57 Michał Zegan napsal(a):
At least espeak has a command line option to write to wav file instead
of saying things. If you would like mp3 you'd have to convert, but
probably no problem arranging that.
No clue for voxin

W dniu 22.05.2021 o 20:53, Vojtěch šmiro via orca-list pisze:

is some way to convert text to wav or mp3 wia Espeak or Voxin TTS? And
is it legal to convert texts to mp3 for my own? Can I convert my own
written texts to mp3 for my friends?

Thanks a lot.

Best regards

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