[orca-list] <shift+arrow> keys don't work in Chromium

Hi all,


My new PC at work is running Debian 11 (Bullseye/sid) with Orca 3.38 and BRLTTY 6.3.


For regular Internet browsing, I use Firefox since it is recommended for a better accessibility but when I need to create or edit new documents on the Intranet Confluence site of my employer, Orca stops displaying anything as soon as I press the Edit link. Firefox menus and sidebar are still there but the web page is shown at totally empty. This is why, in this situation, I need to use Chromium.


Chromium 89 allows me to edit the Confluence page. But, even when I am not in “edit” mode, I cannot select anything in Chromium althouge I can in Firefox. In other words, when I press the <shift> key and any arrow key, nothing happens.


Is there a way to let the select shortcut keys work in Chrmium like they do in Firefox please?


Many thanks in advance. Have a nice day. ChD

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