[orca-list] GetMail Error question

Hi All,
Can you tell me what is meant by this error that I receive from getmail?
I'm sure it's something in my getmailrc file, which I'll paste below the
error, with my password removed:
* Error:
graphic 545 Configu  /
.getmail/getmailrc incorrect (option read_all must be boolean, not false
do not alter status of emails on server))
graphic 186 ubuntu-mate@ubuntu-mate:/home/.getmail$

* My Getmailrc file:
graphic 545 type = SimpleIMAPSSLRetriever

server = mail.cableone.net
mailboxes = ("[cableone]/All Mail", )
username = glennervin
password = ***
                                                  graphic 545 [destination]

type = Maildir
path = ~/mail/

graphic 545 [options]

# only download *new* emails
read_all = false

 do not alter status of emails on server
graphic 545 delivered_to =

# ditto
received = false

 do not delete emails on server
graphic 545 ##delete = false

# max downloaded each time; use 0 for no limit
max_messages_per_session = 0
                                                  graphic 545 message_log =

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