Re: [orca-list] Accessibility of XFCE desktop

I agree. The mate desktop is more like how a windows user would use a computer. Plus its lighter on resources 
than gmone. If you want to experience the mate desktop and your running ubuntu, rather than do a full install 
of mate from an iso file. You could try it out first on your system before switching. Backup first though 
before making any changes to your system. Open up a terminal command and type or copy, paste the following 
command. Someone correct me if it's wrong. 

sudo apt install ubuntu-mate-desktop
Once it's all been installed, restart the system and by using the tab key, find the session button and change 
it to mate them login. 

Good luck. Should you proceed with this, then by doing so at your own risk. No one is held accountable for 
your data loss. Just saying.☺️      


On 18 May 2021, at 23:06, Jude DaShiell <jdashiel panix com> wrote:

You'll do better switching to light-weight mate desktop.  The xfce desktop
is mostly accessible but mate is better.

On Tue, 18 May 2021, Ramesh Patil via orca-list wrote:

Hey all,

I am experiencing lag in GNOME  desktop due to my system limitations. So
that I wish to switch from GNOME desktop to lightweight XFCE desktop. How
is accessibility of XFCE desktop?

Thanks and regards

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