Re: [orca-list] Fwd: Help ask Microsoft to make elequence open source.

And therein lies every single problem imaginable. The speech synthesizer seems to go by many names and appears to be under the control of more than one company, although none of them are Microsoft. Microsoft controls speech synthesizer voices such as Mary, Mike, Sam, David, etc. I do know that IBM had a license to generate the speech in question, but they called it ViaVoice, Outloud and IBMTTS. It is unclear though whether they even had source code that they could have opened up even if they wanted to. I am only aware of an SDK they had and a very badly behaving binary that they said was some kind of beta which crashed extremely often, and eventually stopped working altogether. Several other commercial entities had SDK's and such under various other names, but I am aware of no one who ever was either allowed to obtain or even owned copyright to the source code. Clearly Microsoft can do nothing to liberate the code, as it is not Microsoft's speech synthesis engine, and never was. If source code is indeed available somewhere, it could be an interesting academic project maybe, though there are better alternatives that are already open source. Unfortunately for this one, I have believed the source code to be lost for many years now. There is little to no chance of it becoming open source because there is little to no chance of finding the code. It's pretty easy to see that the actual owner of the code is unknown. Why else would the petition be written to Microsoft, who most certainly doesn't have it, nor would they know where to find it?

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