Re: [orca-list] InfoWorld: 11 tips for speeding up Python programs (fwd)

I am finished with suse notwithstanding an accessible install podcast
becoming available that's understandable.
It appears from my investigation that their installation system you bring
up on boot blocks any accessibility software from being installed or
started so an accessible install can get done with either leap or
It's not a complete waste though.  I wrote a little script which is now
set to get opensuse leap but can be set to get anything else off the net
with wget.
Some error on line 6 about too many arguments is speaking in the final
output but other than that the script works.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# file: - get full suse version
wget -bc $URL
while [ -z $SAVED ]; do
    SAVED=`grep -i saved wget-log`
wc -l wget-log && grep -i saved wget-log
rm wget-log

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Subject: InfoWorld: 11 tips for speeding up Python programs

InfoWorld: 11 tips for speeding up Python programs.

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