Re: [orca-list] jenux probably better alternative to manjaro talking

Remember that you have to go to the parent of that link on the Genux project's page, the link points to a long-gone iso.  Maybe I'll try it with a Mate desktop. the GNOME had some show-stopper bugs.  Fenrir would not talk in consoles once GNOME started. Is Jenux supposed to have talking consoles, as well as gui?  I notice, that when I chose the gui session, and started the installed system, there was a tty login, then the gui started; they don't use a display manager, like GDM.  Where's the documentation for Jenux?  The project has some rough edges, for sure.  I think, earlier, I mentioned that the GNOME terminal never started, though the search thing finds its launcher.


Dave  H.

On 5/15/21 8:53 PM, Jude DaShiell wrote:
Maybe the talkingarch podcast needs an update having taken notes from it
and done successful installs in the past, the last install I did with
talkingarch did not come up talking.  Some of those jenux isos are good
and do work but it's necessary to take your chances with them to find out
if the current iso is good or now the last iso is also on the website so
you might try the earlier iso to see if that would work.

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