[orca-list] Mutt or other eMail Client

I'm a bit desperate here, my ISP is dropping their eMail service, and I have like twenty years of old messages on the server that will be gone in a couple weeks.
I created an Outlook account and went into my ISP's web server settings and set it to forward all messages to my new outlook account, but it did not do any old archived messages.
I installed Thunderbird and went into advanced options and did the following  steps:
***the best method is hidden in Thunderbird's Config Editor. Head to Thunderbird's Options and go to Advanced > Config Editor, and click the "I Accept
the Risk" button when prompted. Search for the mail.server.default.check_all_folders_for_new setting and double-click it to set it to "True."
* So that only went back about a year or so, and it did not seem to work.
I know all my old messages are there, because I could spend all day going back and back a hundred at a time.
So I was wondering if a text eMail client like Mutt would work, and I've looked on-line and I'm not sure which will work for my Ubuntu 18.X.
And I don't know if it works with Orca.
Does anyone know if this or another eMail client can get all these messages?
I'm thinking a text based client runs cleaner and won't fail to get all the messages, but I'm just grasping for straws now.

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