Re: [orca-list] what's the story with talking manjaro?

I tried installing on bare metal and it also failed here too.  First thing
was I got two sets of clicks on the speakers and let it alone for about 10
minutes after that to make sure it had enough time to load.  After that I
had no speech of any kind so tried all of the standard keystrokes to get
orca or a screen reader up alt-super-s alt-f2+orca f4 to turn on all
accessibility, altf2+screen-reader, and even a non-standard control-s and
none of those worked.  doing super-d+enter to start up architect failed,
so I tried alt-f2+architect and that failed with no speech.  Now, I'm
about to throw out another manjaro coaster but I figure to try a couple
gsettings commands to see if I can get any accessibility out of this beast
before I do that.  That'll be after lunch and today I eat lunch at
7:00P.M. since I woke up late today and had a late start today.  Not
unusual for me since I've never seen anything in this life.
The direct link provided was a two-line link which I fixed using ex and
put it into a script which if these steps work I may upload to the
orca-list for anyone else to use.

On Sat, 15 May 2021, Dave Hunt via orca-list wrote:

Maybe a vm works, but installing it onto bare metal was a failure!


DaveĀ  H.

I found the "Manjaro Architect" icon, and tried this installation.

On 5/15/21 6:58 AM, Jace Kattalakis via orca-list wrote:
It absolutely is possible to install it on your own, I have a VM of it
sitting on my system currently, so I can attest to it being talking and
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