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Hello there,

For over a month now I have been using Fedora as my work machine, both at school and at home.

To be precise, I have been using fedora Rawhide.

to give some context: Fedora, by default, isn't a rolling release, exactly. It stays on the latest versions of some software, like the kernel, and others that I will not list here, but releases a stable version every six months.

How ever, for developers, testers, and curious users, such as myself, a completely rolling release of fedora has been made available, called Fedora rawhide, which has the same software versions as Arch Linux stable, so everything is up to date, including the kernel.

It might, for some users, seem unstable. How ever,I have been using it in a production environment, and nothing bad has happened yet.

Moreover, the same software versions as in Arch are in fedora Rawhide, so who uses Arch would, I personally believe, like Rawhide.

Hope this helps.

Best regards.


On 5/13/21 10:47 AM, Daniel McGee via orca-list wrote:
Hi all

Are there any distros that one can install with orca and by there nature: considered as rolling release?

By this, I don't mean the distros that one updates every six months or the long term support versions either.

This is just out of more curiosity than anything else. I've tried out a lot of distros which have orca support which use the standard: LTS or update twice yearly but never have heard of any rolling release distros that one can use with orca. Hence, my enquiring about it.

Many thanks

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