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hey there,
hope you are well.
got a few questions,
what distro you running in your kvm/virt-manager machine?
what version of orca is running on your host system
what version of orca is running in your virtual machine?
if you are running the latest version of ubuntu, the version of orca is out of date and there is an issue 
with reading flat review lines in the terminal.
upgradeing to orca v40.x will fix this issue.
you will have to build orca from git because *buntu can't be botherd to upgrade assistive tech to the latest.
or you could use this link to a .deb I made 
if you are running a ubuntu or debian os.
when the file is downloaded,
go to a terminal and
cd to the downloads directory.
sudo dpkg -i *.deb

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Subject: [orca-list] Flat Review

Having two issues with flat review and I’m wondering if there is a way to fix this.

1. When there is a long output from terminal I can’t use flat review up past a certain point. It usually 
goes to a scroll bar or “file”.
Is there a way to navigate up past us or do I need to look into something like finrar?
2. I can’t seem to use flat review inside of a virtual machine with Virt-manager and KVM. It flat reviews 
the host instead of the guest os. How can I avoid this?

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