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Dňa 12. 5. 2021 o 0:17 Jonesy Cee via orca-list napísal(a):
1. When there is a long output from terminal I can’t use flat review up past a certain point. It usually goes to a scroll bar or “file”. Is there a way to navigate up past us or do I need to look into something like finrar?

Flat review allows reviewing what's currently on the screen. So in order to review what's to the top, to the bottom, to the left or to the right you'd have to scroll the window in an appropriate direction.

Left / right scrolling is not needed because terminal and other apps are wrapping displayed content so it fits on the screen.

However up/down scrolling is necessary.

In the gnome terminal you can use ctrl+shift+up / ctrl+shift+down to scroll one line at a time and ctrl+shift+pageup / ctrl+shift+pagedown to scroll view at a time.

When doing this you will lose your place but it works.

2. I can’t seem to use flat review inside of a virtual machine with Virt-manager and KVM. It flat reviews the host instead of the guest os. How can I avoid this?

You are supposed to run ORCA in the VM as well, and temporarily switch off orca on the host system or use application profile with remapped keys whatever you like so the keys won't clash with guest system. You will then be using guest's orca and its flat review.



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