Re: [orca-list] Arch Linux supports accessibility out of the box.

Actually, Apple came up with a novel solution to install accessibility
for those of us who cannot see and can hear and had it working in tiger
10.4.  When the correct dvd goes in the machine and the machine starts
up with connected keyboard and speaker and screen a message goes up on
the screen asking what language to use with default of english.  If no
response is gotten in 10 seconds, the message goes out over the
speakers.  This solution will not work with all hardware since it's
non-standard and Apple set the hardware standard at the factory.  In
fact, much hardware hasn't even got pc speakers any longer.
Manufacturers probably saved all of $30,000 a year removing pc speakers
from equipment design too.  Just like the bean counter working for
American Airlines did when suggesting olives in salads served on planes
be reduced from 13 to 6.  Now airlines have done away with food

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Debian has supported out-of-the-box accessibility, in its network install, for


On 11/1/20 8:24 PM, Rich Morin wrote:
by default.  More generally, I'd love to see some of the other LInux
families (e.g., Alpine Linux, Debian) follow your lead.
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