Re: [orca-list] Announcing Speech Switch: making Linux a hospitable place for TTS engines like Voxin

Bill Cox via orca-list, le mer. 02 déc. 2020 08:27:18 -0800, a ecrit:
The problem is the architecture of Speech Dispatcher, which is hostile
to commercial TTS engines.

That's pure FUD. It is *not*, on the contrary!! The module approach
allows to integrate them by stuffing a binary in the right place.

The issues that we had with the voxin module were due to missing
*communication* and bugs, out of lack of testing. Creating *yet another*
speech server project will not help in that regard, and only bring
confusion to the accessibility stack.

It will also split the maintenance effort: speech dispatcher contains
symbol tables, drivers for various speech syntheses etc. Will you spend
the time to maintain all of this?

I don't see why creating yet another project. Why not just contributing
to the existing project?

Really, I don't understand, I can only interpret this as a slap in the
face and that cannot help me find motivation to continue contributing to
the accesibility stack (brlapi, orca braille driver, bugs in Xorg, bugs
in Wayland, etc.).

Really, can't we just work *together* rather that forking things here
and there yet again, bringing yet more confusion? Contribute code to
speech dispatcher and it'll just work. Did you actually try?


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