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I downloaded this free distro, and thought I'd give it a spin, running from a flashdrive.  After it booted, I started orca from the 'run' dialogue.  Orca announced "screen reader on", then was silent.  The moment I tried to do anything on the desktop, orca announced "screen reader off", and crashed.  

This distro uses Cinnamon 3.4 as its default desktop.  Is there anything I can do, on the live system, and before starting orca, that would allow this thing to work?  What should the creators of this distro do to allow orca to run normally in Cinnamon?  P. S.  I couldn't find out which orca version is running.

Thanks and best regards,

Dave  Hunt

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Subject: [uruk] Uruk gnu/linux 2.0 alpha is Here
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2017 11:33:50 -0700
From: rosa <rosa33 openmailbox org>
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Today is Day for Testing
yes Uruk gnu/linux 2.0 alpha is Here

- new  repo for uruk gnu/linux
- install guix package manager With one click to install latest version 
for apps
- latest version of cinnamon DE (3.4)
- linux kernel version (4.8)
- MDM Display Manager
- New fully customization with new themes and backgrounds

- You Can Use any package managers commands
gcc v7

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