[orca-list] Strange behavior of Orca on a weird website

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I am requested by a user to understand why he is nearly unable to visit a weird website (everybody exists in the world), about tickling. I had no idea of it before.

To come back to technical stuff:

1. When we visit a page as an anonymous account, it is good.

2. When we visit as un authenticated user, Orca becomes more and more slow, Firefox spends all the CPU and RAM. The user uses Orca 3.22 and Firefox 45. I created a fake account I can give you to test. At the moment, maybe you will have some stuff looking at this log:


When disabling Orca, the computer seems to calm and the website seems to be visitable properly.

AN idea? Needs to reproduce on the website itself?

Best regards
                Hypra JEAN-PHILIPPE MENGUAL
102, rue des poissonniers, 75018, Paris
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