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Thanks Peter.

This is helpful.

Kind regards
Peter Vágner <pvdeejay gmail com> writes:


I'm not sure it's the analogous thing to the chromevox incremental search 
however in Firefox I can press ctrl+f type imy string, hit the enter key, 
orca speaks what I have found and I can press F3 or ctrl+g to move to the 
next match.
This is how I'm quickly jumping to something I do know is on the page for sure.



Dňa 15. júna 2017 1:37:39 PM používateľ Bart Bunting <bart bunting net au> 


I'm revisiting web browsing with Orca after being a reasonably long time
chromevox user.

My main reason is that I'm finding it impossible to work with some
dropdown menus in chromevox that appear to work in firefox with Orca.

The biggest issue I have and my most favourite feature with chromevox is
the ability to do an incremental search in the page.

In chromevox I can hit slash then start typing and hear the hits as they
are spoken as I complete part or all of a word or phrase.  If I've
finished typing and it's landed on something other than what I want I
next use up or down to move to the previous or next instance of the
string match then enter to move to that part of the page.

It makes navigation wonderfuly simple if you know what you want to
search for.

In comparison I'm not finding that orca speaks the firefox incremental
search when I hit slash.

I'm not sure if it's something I'm doing wrong or a limitation of orca
and or firefox?

Can someone enlighten me if there is a way to achieve similar results
using orca and firefox?

Kind regards

Bart Bunting
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