Re: [orca-list] Image without empty alt should be ignored by Orca

Hi Alex.

I personally think Gecko should not be exposing this image rather than
making every AT special-case it. That said, I'm now handling that in
Orca master.


On 06/06/2017 11:17 AM, Alex ARNAUD wrote:
Dear all,

An user accessibility expert (in CC) tells me that image with an empty
alt should be ignored by Orca.

As I understand this behavior is in the ARIA specifications.

I've tested on Debian Sid with Firefox 52 and 54 with the latest Orca
from master.

I've written a simple HTML page to help you to test :

Steps to reproduce :

1) Open the page in Firefox

2) Read the page with Orca

Result : Orca announced "image" when It encounters the image with the
empty alt

Expected result : Orca should skip this image

Best regards.

Visual-Impairment Project Manager
Hypra - "Humanizing technology"

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