Re: [orca-list] Orca and multiple tabs in firefox

The tab switching will hopefully become fixed on the Firefox side. I can
reproduce a problem with reporting selection. I'll take a look. Thanks
for the report!


On 12/14/2017 04:01 PM, Øyvind Lode wrote:
I've found that Orca and firefox does not work as expected regarding
multiple open tabs in firefox.

On windows 10, nvda 2017.4 and firefox 57 and chrome 63 it's a snappy
and smooth experience.
On Linux with Orca is slow and Orca does not speak which tab I move to
when pressing ctrl+tab and ctrl+shift+tab.
Orca also have trouble to remember where focus was in a particular tab.
I had gmail open in one tab and I were composing a message and I also
had open to copy / paste into an email.

I tried with both firefox-esr 52 and firefox 57 with orca 3.26.0 on
debian sid with mate 1.18.

I also tried to select multiple lines but orca did not read which
lines I selected when I pressed shift and down arrow, so I quickly
lost track of what I've selected.


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