Re: [orca-list] Accessibility in Antergos

No more problems with Antergos accessibility than with Arch itself, since Antergos is based on Arch Linux. This means that you will have a newer accessibility stack than what ships with Ubuntu, although the latest Ubuntu should be fairly close, since it's only about a month and a half old. The main concern is of course the installer, which had unlabeled buttons the last time I tried it, although it's always possible this has been fixed. In any case, alt+f was the keyboard shortcut I used to move forward once I had filled in each window with the correct information.

For wifi, the latest GNOME should work fine, and the latest MATE just needs the NetworkManager applet, which I believe installs wpa_supplicant along with the rest of NetworkManager. Most of MATE's top panel problems have been fixed now, so that you can just press alt+shift+tab to focus the top panel, tab a few times until you hear "no network connection" and press the space bar or the enter key to bring up the menu, from which you can just select the wifi network you want. If a password is required, the window asking for it will pop right up. Most of this should be similar to what you're already familiar with using Ubuntu, it's just slightly newer, and will be kept updated on a rolling release schedule, meaning that you just update the system periodically and you get the newest versions of the available software. Hope it helps.

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