Re: [orca-list] Firefox, orca and aria dialogs

Hi Peter.

I'll look into the alert issue as that surprises me. If you have a
concrete test case which works as expected with NVDA and not with Orca,
please provide it with a list of steps to reproduce the problem.


On 12/01/2017 10:25 AM, Peter Vágner wrote:

I have spent some two days trying to create a working accessible dialog
using React JS for the web based matrix client.
I would like this dialog to:
- Have title, description, one or more buttons.
- move focus to the primary button when it shows
- be fully reported when used with a screen reader.

To be fully reported when used with a screen reader means that its title
and its description should be announced via text to speech and / or
presented in braille as appropriate.

The dialog is created as a div element within a DOM subtree. The container
element has aria-labelledby and aria-describedby pointing to other nodes
where there is the dialog label and a description inside. These nodes are
another divs with some text inside.
When the dialog is created focus is automatically placed to the appropriate
button by calling the focus() method on a corresponding DOM node.
This is created using React so visibility is not manipulated nor
aria-hidden is used. It is loaded asynchronously using webpack and then
rendered into the DOM the way Reac does its magic.

Results: the dialog title (content that is associated with a dialog element
via aria-labelledby) is read correctly. However the description is not.

Originally I have assumed this might be a problem on my part as I have
found out if I try to render multiple such dialogs one after the other the
second instance is read correctly with orca.
Additionally I have found out one accessible test case here:
So I have tried to get an inspiration from that, rewrote my react component
in a way that it creates a hidden dialog, it then shows it and finally
moves the focus but still this is not working like it should. Only the
dialog title is reported for me when focusing into such dialog.

Finally I have discovered all dialog windows are not reported with Firefox
57 and Orca or Firefox 59 and Orca.
Even simple alert("blablabla"); that is under a browser control is not
reported correctly by orca.

Can you please test out possible aria dialogs on the web or inside some
real apps and help me to find a clue?

I am afraid something is wrong with Firefox vs at-spi vs orca interaction,
but I am unable to find that out.



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