Re: [orca-list] freedom scientific focus braille display with orca

i am using ubuntu linux 17 dot 04. does brltty  came with the os by default, just like orca does?

امير الدين
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On 1 Aug 2017, at 1:37 AM, chrys linux-a11y org wrote:


Orca is using brltty  as braille  backend. You will find a list of supprted devices  here
To make a device running you need to install, configure  and run brltty service.

I hope that helps
Cheers Chrys

Am Montag 31. Juli 2017 schrieb Amir-Trend Plus:
will the fs focus 14 / /40 works on linux with orca. if yes, how to set it up? just connect it to the computer, and it will auto detect or what?

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