Re: [orca-list] get GDM to talk again


What makes you think this might be orca's fault or you might have messed up your orca configuration?
Can you run espeakup and login to pure text tty to troubleshoot in a bit more details? Or do you have a spare computer to troubleshoot via SSH?
Is GDM running? Is pulseaudio running? Is speech-dispatcher running?
Might there be something else taking over the audio device?
Except of TTS, are you using braille?
If yes are you getting braille output on a login screen?



Dňa 23. 8. 2017 11:01 používateľ "Vojtěch Polášek" <krecoun gmail com> napísal:

I am running Arch Linux, GDM with Gnome Shell and Orca. Somehow I
managed to prevent GDM from speaking. I tried to copy over my orca
configuration to /var/lib/gdm/.local/share/orca, but it didn't help. Can
I somehow generate basic Orca configuration to put it there?

Thanks alot,


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